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ProfitCents' free webinars equip you with best practices to create and grow firm revenue as you help clients improve their financial performance. 

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How to Make More Money with Better Clients in Fewer Hours

October 31, 2017, 1 p.m. - 2 p.m. ET

In this webinar Rick Solomon, CPA will share what the most successful firms are doing to earn more money, work less hours, and hand select only their ideal clients. During the webinar you’ll discover the 5 key principles these wildly successful firms are using to consistently add more than $50,000 to their monthly income. This webinar is for firm owners who would like to use their expertise and knowledge to help their clients achieve better business results and get paid extremely well for it.

Women in Accounting Thriving NOW and into the FUTURE

November 2, 2017, 12 p.m. - 1 p.m. ET

All signs are pointing to a new era of women in charge – socially, economically and politically. Women receive almost 60% of university degrees in America and Europe. So, who’s going to be leading most CPA firms in the future? Who’s going to be the owner of many of your future client businesses? Women make up 60% of all accounting graduates, 52% of all new hires into public accounting, but less than 24% of all partners. Future ready firms will benefit from helping women in accounting thrive in challenging times. Join Rita Keller and your peers for a lively session exploring issues and solutions for females in the evolving “new era.”

Creating Your Million Dollar CPA Firm: Growth, Freedom and Sanity!

November 8, 2017, 12 p.m. - 1 p.m. ET

If you’re searching for practice growth along with financial and time freedom– then this online training could be one of the most important ones you’ll ever attend. The secret to taking your practice to the next level is tapping into proven, duplicatable processes used by other firms just like you. But most practitioners are stuck using outdated methods to grow their practice…or in many cases, systems that unfortunately prevent the growth of their firm. During this webinar, you’ll discover the right processes and exact systems being relied upon by high six and seven figure practitioners to consistently grow and enjoy high profits. Anyone can use these systems to propel their practice to the million dollar revenue mark and to enjoy more growth and freedom while keeping their sanity.

Calculation v. Valuation How Each Fits in Your Practice What You Need to Know and Understand

November 15, 2017, 1 p.m. - 2 p.m. ET

Are you being pressured by attorneys and clients to prepare low cost estimates of value? How comfortable do you feel going into court having prepared a calculation when the other side may have prepared a full valuation?  Will your client pay you if your estimate of value does not meet the sufficient, reliable, believable and “with reasonable certainty” tests?  This webinar will bring you up to date on the current thinking related to calculations and their place in your practice. 


The Five Stages of Value: How to Maximize Business Value & Unlock Trapped Wealth

The Five Stages of Value Maturity, within the Value Acceleration Methodology™, can be managed to successfully (and rapidly) grow business value and the strength of “knowledge capital.” In this session, Chris Snider will teach you how to measure progress within the stages of value to optimal results and how adopting the Value Maturity Index can help an owner understand the impact their actions have on their business value goals. This broadcast is ideal for advisors, valuation analysts, or business consultants who work with business owners (and owners themselves).

How to Recruit and Hire Your Advisory Services Team

Are you looking to grow your Advisory Services team? Join Accountingfly CEO Jeff Phillips for this training session on how to recruit and retain the very best talent for your growing services firm. Jeff will give you the most up to date tools needed to hire the best talent to grow your organization.

How to Drive More Consulting Revenue

More firms are successfully increasing top-line revenue and profitability with the help of higher-margin consulting services. Does having more consulting offerings make sense for your firm? If so, how do you go about developing and selling them? Selling and servicing consulting work varies greatly from traditional CPA firm services. That means you will need to learn new things, do things differently and change the way you view your firm. This session will walk you through the steps of that decision making process and provide tools to help you bring new ideas to fruition.

How to Build Client Loyalty at Your Firm

Today’s competitive landscape is requiring firms to do everything they can to protect and retain their client base. The cost of attracting a new client is significantly more expensive than expending the time required to proactively serve a client and develop a loyal relationship. Learn additional methods to retain valued clients in your firm with this webinar. 

3 Excel Tips for Accountants to Avoid Common Errors

Which Excel function do you use the most? Is it…the SUM function? Well, there is another option that can help reduce errors. When you paste new transactions, are they automatically included in your formulas? If not, you may have to manually update the formulas, which takes precious time. In this webinar, we'll discuss 3 tips that can help accountants avoid common Excel errors and get their work done faster.

Marketing Best Practices: Websites, Blogs and Social Media for CPAs

With so many things on your plate, how can you expect to keep up with all the latest trends in digital marketing for accounting firms? Truth is, you can’t, but don’t despair. In this session, Bonnie will discuss the top tactics successful firms are using and give you suggestions and best practices that you can take back to your firm and accomplish right away…and see results too

How Accounting Firms Build & Manage Stronger Sales Pipelines

Many firms chase every lead that comes through the door haphazardly, and that’s a big mistake. A pipeline is the lifeblood of your organization; it’s how you manage valuable firm assets. Many of the leads on your pipeline will ask for a proposal. Pulling an old proposal off the shelf and updating it is a big mistake. Your proposal should recap what you learned in the sales process with that specific prospect. By understanding what a pipeline is and the proposal document’s place in pursuit, you can improve your odds of winning.

Tech Roadmap: Selecting the ideal solutions to thrive in business advising

For many accountants and business advisors, technology change can be overwhelming. Even after leadership acknowledges a need for technological improvements, it can nonetheless be difficult to determine the “what” and the “how” of new solutions. Sageworks has partnered with industry thought leaders and technology experts to provide practical advice for selecting your new tech.

Expanding Your Firm's Advisory Services

You may have tested the waters in advisory services and utilized some packaged advisory work programs or checklists, but as you expand your advisory services you need to start having a more unified approach to advisory services in your firm. Attend this webinar to learn how to map packaged or vendor-specific work programs into overarching professional standards (E.g. AICPA, IIA). This will help you to manage your risks from increased advisory services work and ensure that you aren’t creating artificial silos and inconsistencies in how you perform the work.

Become an Inspiring and Profitable Advisory Accountant

Join this fast-paced, enjoyable online workshop with Steve Pipe to learn step-by-step the latest research into what makes some practice advisors much more inspiring and profitable than others, and how you can deliver these services with the skills and technology you already have is place. Steve will also provide an easy, 5-step action plan to transform your reputation, fees and profits.

Everyday Technology for Everyday Challenges: Free or Low-cost Tech Solutions to Help Grow Your Firm

From social media marketing to client management, Sageworks has updated our everyday technology presentation so that accounting and valuation firms can learn about the latest free and low cost technology solutions. Technology can be a time-saving, revenue-boosting tool, so long as it's the right technology solution for your firm. As a technology company, Sageworks' tech-savvy employees use the latest in online tools every day to facilitate business efficiency and growth.

How to Make Your Firm and Clients More Profitable

Author and entrepreneur Mike Michalowicz details the cash management system that will ensure any business – of any size, in any industry, no matter how much debt it carries or how many years it has been operating—will become permanently profitable. Michalowicz explains how an age-old accounting formula turns great businesses into cash-eating monsters, trapping you in a day-to-day, check-to-check struggle to survive. He reveals how to flip that "Frankenstein Formula" and take profit first without compromising your business.

How to Increase Efficiency and Minimize Risk in the Audit Process

Participants will learn that analytical procedures can significantly improve the audit process. Not only can they help to make an audit more efficient, but they can be used to help minimize risk. Participants will also learn the four different categories of analytics and which two provide value to the client (hint, it's not the categories of analytics that are traditionally used).

De-mystifying the Cash Flow Discussion

Do your clients eyes glaze over every time you attempt to have an in-depth financial conversation that goes beyond gross sales and minimizing taxes? You know the importance of cash flow and the tools required to improve it, but do you know how to work with business owners to implement substantive changes that will improve earnings and increase the value of the enterprise? This webinar will give you the tools to break through the “language” barrier and allow you to better assist your clients and improve your value to them.

Traps and Lessons in Navigating the Three Approaches to Value

We all know the three approaches to value, and we know that all of the three must be considered in performing a valuation of an interest in a business. But do we know when and how and why to use each one? This webinar will introduce the business valuation professional to some of the considerations and uses of each of the three approaches and how to avoid the pitfalls accompanying each.

Become an Inspiring and Profitable Advisory Accountant

Join this fast-paced, enjoyable online workshop with Steve Pipe to learn step-by-step the latest research into what makes some practice advisors much more inspiring and profitable than others, and how you can deliver these services with the skills and technology you already have in place. Steve will also provide an easy, 5-step action plan to transform your reputation, fees and profits.

The Rise of the Accounting Entrepreneur

In this webinar, Jason Blumer will dive into what it means to be an entrepreneur and an accountant at the same time. Now more than ever, the entrepreneurial accountant is a viable path for the visionary firm owner. It is a path of creativity, a path of freedom, and a path to making good money. We'll compare and contrast the past, the present, and what the future of the accounting firm looks like.

How to Use Social Media to Grow Your Business and be a Trusted Advisor

After attending David's presentation you will have a step-by-step process on generating more and better qualified leads with social media. Too often CPAs consider social media to be a waste of time. Some think that social media is about taking selfies or snapping and filtering pictures of what they ate for breakfast. However, using social media with a business focus can significantly grow your practice and help you be a more trusted advisor to your clients.

3 Excel Tips for Accountants to Avoid Common Errors

Which Excel function do you use the most? Is it... the SUM function? Well, there is another option that can help reduce errors. When you paste new transactions, are they automatically included in your formulas? If not, you may have to manually update the forumulas, which takes precious time. In this webinar, we'll discuss 3 tips that can help accountants avoid common Excel errors and get their work done faster.

Keys to the Never Ending Search for Reasonable Valuation Compensation

September 28, 2017, 1 p.m. - 2 p.m. ET

Beauty as they say, is in the eye of the beholder…which explains why trying to understand the seemingly straightforward definition of “reasonable compensation” sends many valuation analysts scurrying for the Pepto Bismol. While valuation experts may disagree as to exactly what reasonable compensation is, there is no argument that it is often the most important variable in business valuations and litigation engagements.

Lean CPA M&A: Getting to the Finish Line Faster

Join us for this free webinar presented by one of Inside Public Accounting's 10 Most Recommended Consultants in the country who will navigate the conversation on Mergers and Acquisitions in the accounting profession.

Considering Value Pricing to Effectively Price Your Services

Join us for Considering Value Pricing to Effectively Price Your Services. We will seek to understand different pricing structures for firms, the economic reality of value, and how to influence your clients during pricing.

 Be a Profit Center: Add Value to Your Compliance Engagements

Compliance work is important, but often times clients see it as a necessary cost rather than an opportunity to enhance their business. As a CPA, you have the ability and the position to change this perception.

Learn avenues taken by CPAs to position their firms as a place where their clients come to grow their businesses. This exercise will drive growth in your practice, reduce fee pressure from your clients and create an internal discussion on how to provide compliant services that enable your firm to engage in profit center opportunities.

Introduction: ProfitCents & 8 Pillars for Exponential Firm Growth

Inefficiency strangles firm growth. There are several obstacles that firms must overcome in order to grow successfully. This introductory webinar highlights Jeff Borschowa's 8 Pillars for Exponential Business Growth in an accounting practice. Following this overview webinar an eight-part webinar series based will take a look at each pillar necessary for firm growth.

Interviewer Do's and Don'ts for Finding the Right Candidate

You posted a great ad. You sourced a bazillion candidates and reviewed about a million resumes, give or take. You narrowed the pool down to five candidates. On paper, they all look like they could be a fit; they appear to have the education, skills and work experience you are looking for. Now, the interview...

Effectively Transitioning Clients 

CPA firms across the country are preparing for the retirement of thousands of talented Baby Boomer CPAs. Many elements of succession need attention, but one of the most important areas to address is effective client transition. Attend this session to discuss answers to the four most common client transition questions retirees – and other firm leaders - ask.

3 Ways to Refresh Your Accounting Firm’s Marketing Program

With so many marketing tools available, how do you choose what will work for your firm? In this webinar, president of Capstone Marketing, Jean Marie Caragher discussed three ways to refresh your accounting firm's marketing program and the necessities for success. 

How Will You Win Your Next New Client?

Although your firm may be successful today, it's important that you're always thinking ahead to identify how you will win your next clients. Peter Brown, senior consultant at Sageworks discusses how your firm can stay on top by looking into the future and identified key factors that will help you win new clients.

Using Big Data for Firm Success

D. Scott Showalter, CPA, CGMA is a Professor of Practice at NC State University and actively assists regulators and firms in the accounting industry to understand the nature of data analytics. This webinar will show you how Big Data impacts your organization and the services you provide by explaining what big data is, how big data is being used in performing audits, where organizations are exploring the use of big data capabilities today, the challenges in using big data and possible future applications.

Why Business Owners Don’t Buy Coaching From Their Accountant (And What To Do About It)

It turns out, entrepreneurs have a unique psychographic profile which makes them tricky to sell to. In short, they are wired differently than most, which means they often don’t react in entirely logical ways nor do they buy advisory services using the same criteria as other customers. The secret to getting owners to invest in business coaching is to understand what makes them tick.

Unlocking Insights: Benchmarking for Client Acquisition & Retention

Helping clients to obtain “insights” into their finances and operations can help accountants transition from bean counter to business partner. Tools supporting benchmarking, business planning, and financial planning & analysis are a huge untapped resource available to accountants to enable better decision making and thereby competitive advantage for their clients.  Learn why you should incorporate benchmarking into your services, and how to approach it without impairing your independence. Increase your value proposition and ability to attract and retain clients by attending this session with Donny Shimamoto.

How to Develop Predictable, Repeatable and Scalable Revenue Streams

The accounting industry is experiencing rapid change with audit, tax and compliance services becoming commoditized. As a result, many CPA firms are looking to add new revenue streams to reboot or expand their practice. Attend this webinar to learn which advisory services would most benefit your clients today, and how to know on a month-to-month basis how much revenue will be generated.

How Trusted Advisor Services Multiply Revenue and Profit

A recent report by Gartner showed that Accounting was the #1 profession at risk of being displaced by automation. One way to stay ahead of that disruption is to create value in your firm that cannot be replicated by a computer like data entry processes can. This course will explore the different business development opportunities available in creating a team of Trusted Advisors that offer more value to the client relationship. Acquiring new clients, and retaining them longer, can be achieved through a few changes in the business model that result in high yielding services that have longevity.

29 Must Haves for a CPA Firm Buyout Plan

Billion of dollars are due to be paid to retiring Baby Boomer partners over the next 10 years for their interests in CPA firms. will your firm be able to afford those payments? Not without a plan - a comprehensive, well-written, competitive buyout agreement. A well-written partner buyout plan must address 29 key areas - every one of them! Marc will share latest practices, trends and pitfalls in designing these plans.

Building Relationships and Revenue with Consultative Client Meetings

Being consultative is not about selling, yet, it it’s a role that can easily add more revenue to your firm. By understanding how to conduct consultative meetings, you will be able to create a win-win relationship – you secure and grow revenue streams and the client achieves business goals. The key is focusing on what’s best for the client. This session will provide different tactics to help you do just that.

How to sell, price & deliver high-value advisory engagements using ProfitCents

Explore three powerful and proven principles for selling, pricing and delivering advisory engagements with ProfitCents. This free introductory webinar will provide an overview to an intensive six-part webinar program that will help participants apply the principles covered in this session. Full details of the six-session webinar program will be provided during this free webinar and is available to the first 30 accountants that register. The cost of this program will be discounted by 50% for attendees of the free overview webinar.

Identifying Bottlenecks in Your Firm & Creating a Plan for Change

Rapid growth in a firm has an interesting way of showing off problems in the underlying business model. We will explore improving efficiency by digitizing data, implementing a project management mindset, automating workflow, and by determining if an alternative staffing model can assist you. This webinar is the first-part in an eight-part series entitled ProfitCents & 8 Pillars to Exponential Firm Growth

2016 Firm Strategies: Make Decisions for Your Firm's Growth with Accounting Industry Insights

Some of the biggest trends driving CPA firm growth this past year will become even more important next year. Firms are investing more into marketing, but they are spending those dollars differently. From big data to marketing technology to global strategies, this session will highlight the trends you need to be aware of and how you can incorporate them into your 2016 strategy. Additionally, hear about the major 2015 announcements from Sageworks.

Thrive as the CPA Firm of the Future

CPAs are asked to provide more value to their best clients, stay on top of all the tax law changes, develop relationships with the best solutions providers in the country and service all of their clients. For most CPAs, all of this workload is simply impossible to perform at the highest levels using their current, outdated processes. These challenges for traditional CPAs create opportunities for CPA Firms of the Future to attract unhappy business owners and give them exactly what they want.

Leveraging Your Client Relationships for New Clients

Nearly every study surveying CPAs shows that firm growth is one of the biggest concern that accountants experience. Among the many motivators for growth - firms are finding that they are not growing as fast as they’d like, feeling a dip in their revenues or looking to scale their firm so they can be more appealing for a potential merger. While there are many things firms should consider when scaling their firm, one that is often overlooked is leveraging current client relationships to get new clients.

Scaling Your Accounting or Valuation Practice: Insights from Progressive Firms

Scaling an accounting or valuation firm can be challenging. In this webinar, we explore challenges facing firms as they scale and offer useful advice that can apply to firms of any size.

How to Transform Client Relationships in Your Accounting Firm

Building relationships is crucial to the success of your accounting firm. In this webinar, Tommy Spaulding, President of Spaulding Companies Corporation and New York Times bestselling author, discusses how to develop relationship capital, making business more personal, and traits that move you beyond networking.

Unlocking Business Intelligence in Your Accounting Firm

Business intelligence (BI) is all about the analysis, distribution and contextual use of information to make better-informed decisions and optimize business performance. In this webinar, Donny Shimamoto, Founder and Managing Director of Intraprise TechKnowlogies LLC, discusses how accountants are uniquely positioned to help business clients access and use business intelligence, and how doing so can transform your role from bean counter to business partner.

Targeted Networking: For Bigger and Better Lead Generation

In Part 2 of our webinar series on lead generation, Nancy Fox, founder and president of The Business Fox, discusses how accountants can generate leads through networking. She provides strategies on how and where your firm should be networking, as well as the profile of an ideal client.

How to Generate Leads Through the Web

In Part 1 of our webinar series on lead generation, Bonnie Buol Ruszczyk, president of bbr marketing, discusses how accountants can generate leads through the web. She provides strategies for improving your firm’s presence on social media, as well as other content marketing strategies.

Cross-Sell Accounting Services: How to identify opportunities to sell more accounting services to existing clients

As your clients and their businesses evolve, so must your accounting firm's message, approach and services. In this webinar, Lauren Prosser, Director of ProfitCents Professional Services, discusses how to lay a foundation for your accounting firm's sustainable growth by cross-selling services to your existing client base through “The Discovery Process."

Stop Competing on Price: Type 2 services - What, why & how

Is your firm currently offering Type 2 services? With client needs shifting to more value-added services, it is important that your firm develops plans to match those demands. In this webinar, Sageworks’ senior consultant Peter Brown, discusses how to transition your practice from competing on price by offering Type 2 services that will deepen client relationships and grow firm revenue.

Innovation: Launching a New Service

Accounting is a mature industry and, as an accountant, you sell mature products. Your ability to innovate will not only set you apart from the competition, it will drive profitability. By following proven processes, you can launch quality offerings in less time and with a higher rate of success.

The Transformational Firm: Helping Your Clients Increase Cash

Every accounting firm wants to stand out from the competition. How do you do that in professional services? There are many strategies like creating a specialization in a specific niche, or building a client-centric organization. But is this really what your client wants? Business owners want to drive revenue and improve cash flow. The #1 way that you can become invaluable to them is to help them do both! This webinar will show you how to help your clients increase revenue by learning the marketing tactics that will help any type of business increase their revenue. Then your financial management skills come in to play for the cash flow piece.

Business Valuation: Where is the value in doing business valuations?

How to generate subsequent valuation and consulting work from existing clients.

Sageworks Valuation Solution is leveraging its cooperative business model and shared knowledge to give back to practitioners in the Business Valuation industry. Join us as we discuss what other BV firms are doing to solidify retainers, cross sell services, and generate subsequent valuation work.

Upgrade Your Practice: Top ways to attract and retain higher paying clients in 2015

As the competition and commoditization of accounting services rises, CPAs often react by lowering and discounting their fees. In this content rich webinar, Nancy Fox, The Business Fox and advisor to hundreds of accounting professionals across the country, will reveal her key strategies and tactics for how CPAs can not only stop the discounting habit but upgrade the quality of their client base and have these clients willingly pay higher fees for the more beneficial services they receive.

Leverage Technology to Grow Your Firm: Use ProfitCents to build better client relationships

45% of accounting clients require or prefer an accountant who is adaptive to changes in technology. In this webinar, Rick Anderson, Sageworks Customer Service Consultant, and Luke Smothers, Sageworks Sales Consultant, discuss how to use ProfitCents to leverage technology and procure more forward-looking client engagements.

How to Prepare for Booming Growth in Valuation Services

Valuation services represent a tremendous opportunity for accountants to win more business, retain clients and provide higher quality service. In this webinar, Paul Wapner, CPA/ABV, CGMA, manager of forensic and valuation services for the AICPA, and Aaron Lively, regional valuation consultant at Sageworks, discuss how your firm can take advantage of growth opportunities in business valuation, as well as demonstrate the latest software solution available.

How to Create and Implement a Marketing Plan in Your Firm

You wouldn’t go on a road trip without a map or GPS, yet many firms approach marketing with a “let’s see which way the wind blows us” style. The importance of creating a plan and sticking to it cannot be stressed enough. In this webinar, Bonnie Buol Ruszczyk, president of bbr marketing, discusses strategies for developing a marketing plan for your accounting firm.

Content Marketing Strategies: How to effectively implement and use thought leadership in your accounting firm

In this webinar, Rob Nance, Director of Content Marketing and Consulting Services at Inovautus Consulting, discusses strategies for implementing and using thought leadership in your accounting firm.

Growth Through Refinement: Expanding your client reach by narrowing your accounting firm's focus

Now that tax season is over, it is time to focus on your firm's growth. In this webinar, Lauren Prosser, former director of ProfitCents Professional Services, discusses how to grow your firm by narrowing your focus through profiling your client base, driving scale and profitability, and aligning your firm's revenue growth goals, client service strategy and professional development plan.