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Hear from a Client

Lisa Eberding and Marine Bank were searching for a system that allowed them to improve internal communications and streamline credit processes, but the bank needed flexibility since every “ every bank does things just a little bit differently.”

“[Sageworks Workflow is] a platform that would allow us to include our internal communications...make it so that, very quickly, lenders, credit analysts and managers could easily see where a deal was at in the process, what had been done and what still needed to be done. It allowed us to streamline our approval process and move away from paper, signatures, copying, and scanning and all that stuff. We now use the system as an electronic credit approval, and that’s working quite well for us. It allows us to very quickly respond to our customers’ requests.”

She also noted the transparency. “We could see loan information, the financials, collateral, covenants, risk ratings – all the things that were going for a particular client – without having to access the core necessarily or other systems that are not as easy to use for our line lenders.”

Lisa Eberding
Marine Bank