Common Errors (and Sometimes Rigging) in Valuations

Jim Alerding, CPA/ABV, ASA, CVA, CEO, Alerding Consulting LLC

Webinar description

You pick up the valuation report prepared by the Valuation Analyst representing the other side of a dispute. You are aghast at the magnitude of the difference between your valuation and the other valuation. Where did the other valuator go wrong? Or where did you go wrong? This webinar will discuss some of the common errors (and sometimes rigging) made in the process of determining a valuation conclusion so that you can be on the lookout for why.

About the Presenter

Jim Alerding is the owner of Alerding Consulting, LLC and a former member of both the AICPA BV Committee and the AICPA BV Standards Writing Task Force, as well as an inductee to the AICPA BV Hall of Fame. Jim is a coauthor of VS 100,  and Financial Valuation: Applications and Models. He has also coauthored a number of courses, including the original ABV Review Course and the original AICPA BV Training. He has published numerous articles and made numerous presentations on valuation related matters, and has testified over 400 times.

You will learn

  • The common errors (and sometimes rigging) that occur in the performance of a valuation engagement
  • How to avoid the errors in performing a valuation 
  • How to review valuations of other analysts
  • Tips on how to avoid errors in the performance of a valuation engagement


Jim Alerding

Jim Alerding
Alerding Consulting LLC


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