Sageworks Lending Solution

Growing the loan portfolio

With Sageworks Lending Solution, the institution can grow revenue through digital channels, while analyzing and approving loans quickly based on automated templates and rules that guarantee consistency and thorough documentation.

  • Book more loans and with a faster turnaround
  • Avoid bottlenecks with data entry
  • Eliminate manual errors and inconsistency
  • Manage hire loan volume with existing staff
  • Easily prepare for loan review, audits or exams
  • Reduce workload placed on credit analysts

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Build a better business borrower experience


Even as life seems to be modernizing with technologies to make things easier, faster and cheaper (Uber, Amazon, online banking, etc.), the world of the business borrower has not seen these improvements. Small business borrowers are frustrated by slow, paper-based application processes. To be competitive with alt-lenders and fintechs, banks and credit unions need to build a better business borrower experience.

Key Capabilities

  • Easy to use online loan application
  • Configurable templates for faster turnaround
  • Electronic Tax Return Reader
  • Transparent and consistent pipeline reporting
  • Accurate spreading and global analysis
  • Real-time access to credit bureau scores and debt
  • Standardized documentation
  • Single platform for different loan types
  • Central repository for borrower information
  • Streamlined origination workflow through notifications and tracking
  • Auto-decisioning for smaller exposure loans

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