Data Quality Considerations for CECL Measurement

State of the Market and Immediate Actions

FASB's issuance of the current expected credit loss model (CECL) in June marked the most significant change in accounting guidance in decades. Institutions are still digesting the implications of the new ruling's requirements, and many are making strides toward preparing their data for the CECL methodology and parallel ALLL calculations as soon as Q1 of 2017. In this webinar, Garver Moore, director of special research for Sageworks Advisory Service Group, provides an overview of common data problems institutions face for the transition with an outline of immediate steps to take to ensure that information needed for CECL calculations is accessible and sound in time for implementation, regardless of future evolution or regulatory clarification.

This webinar highlights common gaps in data coverage and will provide attendees with an actionable game plan for their institution.

Listen to the webinar to learn:

  • How to ensure the data quality of your institution
  • How to stay on top of, and quantify, data risk
  • Areas of common weakness in the market
  • How to grade economic cycles on a curve
  • The importance of renewal dates
  • How to leverage contractual terms over FICO