CECL Prep Kit

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Video: 5 Steps for CECL implementation planning

Implementation Guide

CECL Implementation Prep Guide  

Effective dates have been pushed back one year. Download this updated implementation prep guide to see the new dates, new example timelines, and tips for forming an implementation committee.

Data Prep Guide

CECL Data Prep Guide  

Gathering data is one of the key first steps in CECL preparation. Download this CECL data prep guide to learn the basics of CECL data requirements, data characteristics and data points by methodology.

On-demand webinars: The CECL Methodology Series

Sageworks hosted a series of webinars that detailed how to perform CECL-ready calculations across loan pools. Here, we include the Kick-Off webinar that talks about data concerns, but you can review the entire CECL series, too.

Sageworks solution overview

  • Automate the ALLL to spend less time on the ALLL, allowing more time for planning
  • Partner with the industry leader for CECL
  • Reduce manual and Excel errors and examiner criticism