Risk Management

Sageworks Commercial Banking Risk Management Software Solutions

Sageworks risk management software solutions are carefully created to help bankers make better credit decisions, lower compliance costs, increase efficiency, and maintain a healthier loan portfolio. Sageworks offers web-based risk management solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of chief credit officers, senior lenders, credit administrators, chief financial and risk officers, and executive leadership. The solutions principally help in identifying, measuring, and mitigating credit risk, which can be the biggest risk in a financial institution.

Minimize Banking Risk

Watch an online demo of the Sageworks suite to learn how solutions for credit analysis, risk rating, loan portfolio administration, ALLL, and stress testing can help financial institutions increase profitability and minimize risk.

  • Avoid delinquencies and write-offs.
  • Increase consistency and thoroughness of underwriting and review.
  • Impress examiners and the board with risk management practices.
  • Confidently adhere to FAS 5 and FAS 114 policies.

Banking Risk Management Software

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