CECL-ready allowance calculations

Sageworks ALLL provides a consistent and defensible allowance for loan and lease losses methodology for incurred and expected credit losses with the CECL model.

Hear why bankers rely on Sageworks ALLL

Defend Your Methodology

"We’ve gone through two exams now with the new product and its very easy to show them [regulators] the documentation, the rationale, and our methodology behind our ALLL calculation. And the thing that’s easy to support is how consistent it is from period to period."

Randy Olson
Chief Risk Officer
Community Resources Bank


Save Time on the Alll

“Previously with Excel, if we wanted to look at a monthly interim calculation, we would have to run the core reports and manually input them. With Sageworks, the numbers are inside the software and available with just a few clicks of a button – giving us significant quarterly time-savings."

Lugie Brown
Senior Vice President
First American National Bank


Feature Highlights

Multiple Loss-Rate Models

  • Try out different loss rate models by pools or blend them
  • Create a more robust and defensible loss rate methodology
  • Leverage an advanced and customized analysis to meet your institution's needs

Qualitative Factor Drivers

  • Better justify and support changes to qualitative adjustments
  • Control the ranges used for adjustments and measure impact
  • Save time by pulling in FRED data to help with analysis

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ALLL Forecasting

  • Create different scenarios to anticipate how the provision expense might change in different situations
  • Better anticipate potential, future capital needs for the institution
  • Prepare for ALLL regulatory changes and assess their impact on the institution

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Accounting for Purchased Loans

  • Automate calculation using expected cash flow, collateral or cost-recovery methods
  • Pool ASC 310-30 loans through the expected cash flow method
  • Create and save multiple scenarios for strategic and contingency planning

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