Lean CPA M&A: Getting to the Finish Line Faster

Philip Whitman, CPA, President & CEO Whitman Business Advisors, LLC

Webinar description

View this free webinar presented by one of Inside Public Accounting's 10 Most Recommended Consultants in the country who navigates the conversation on Mergers and Acquisitions in the accounting profession.

About the presenter

Phil and the Whitman Business Advisors team specialize in succession planning, mergers & acquisitions, strategic talent acquisition, practice management consulting, training & coaching and business development lead generation services. Prior to practice management, Phil spent nearly six years as a multi-unit owner-operator of a National restaurant franchise, which is where he began honing his knowledge of labor law, human resources management and organizational leadership. His accounting firm experience includes audit work at Price Waterhouse, and tax work at Spicer & Oppenheim.

You will learn about

  • The Four C’s and Five Critical Factors of Every Deal
  • Optimal M&A Timeline
  • Deal Makers, Deal Breakers


Philip Whitman

Philip Whitman, CPA
President & CEO
Whitman Business Advisors, LLC


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